Ramly Burgers Are Sold For RM51 Each At This Malaysian Food Stall In New York

The popular Ramly burger is going places.

Cover image via The Malaysian Project

A Malaysian food stand has taken one of the country's most beloved late-night snacks to the Big Apple

The group of Malaysians behind The Malaysian Project have been churning out the greasy delight to curious New Yorkers at various street food festivals in the city.

"Back home, we usually call it Ramly burger, but here we call it the Malaysian-style burger," The Malaysian Project owner Calvin Leong said in a video posted on the INSIDER food Facebook page recently.

Their rendition of the burger is served with the patty wrapped in a fried egg, similar to the popular Burger Special we find here

The food stand based in Queens, New York, does not use the traditional Maggi seasoning and chilli sauce, opting instead for curry seasoning, spicy mayo, and Worcestershire sauce.

"It’s spicy, it’s savoury, loaded with a bunch of seasonings, umami flavour, condensed, packed. I had this burger when I was a little kid. We had it everywhere around the roadside back home in Malaysia," Leong added.

A simple Ramly burger will set you back for around RM6 at most Malaysian stalls. But in New York, be prepared to fork out USD12 (RM51).

The stall also serves up freshly-made soursop juice priced at USD4 (RM17), which is advertised as "Malaysian sensation #1".

New Yorkers can opt for the humble kaya toast a.k.a "toasted challah bread with coconut and pandan custard" as a light snack for USD6 (RM25).

Malaysians in New York dying for a taste of home should find the food stand a much-welcomed addition to the area's budding food scene

Malaysian burger cooked in a fried egg

This burger is wrapped up in a fried egg!

Posted by INSIDER food on Monday, October 16, 2017

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