Chinese Boss Forces His Female Employees To Line Up And Kiss Him Every Morning

He calls it a way of "boosting company morale."

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A company in China has come up with a very, VERY unusual and disturbing way of improving working relations between employees and bosses.

It involves kissing.

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A short clip shows one of the sessions, which are held every weekday in the morning between 9:00am and 9:30am

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Female staff members are required to line up and kiss their boss before beginning work at an unnamed company selling home brewery equipment in Tongzhou District, Beijing.

The boss call this a "team building exercise" and he takes it very seriously

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Strangely, only female employees are required to take part in the activity. The ritual involves a firm peck or two on the lips of the male boss.

The make-up of the company is believed to be more than 50% women. Initially, employees were reluctant to partake in the peculiar ritual, but they eventually gave in.

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According to Chinese news site Sohu, two women who didn't take part in the ritual were asked to resign.

In defence of his questionable team building activity, the boss claims that the practice helps to create a closer bond between employees and managers - so much so that some female workers really miss him when he is gone, sending him messages on WeChat.

He also said he picked up the idea while visiting a company in the United States.

Watch the jaw-dropping video below:

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