This Damn Huge Chicken Is Freaking Out The Internet

What is this monstrosity?!

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If you're afraid of birds, you might want to stop scrolling, because NOTHING can prepare you for this behemoth that's about to roll out from his coop like the final boss in a video game

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"Big Bird is it?"

No, it's not Big Bird.

This mutant-like chicken has gone viral on social media and it's ginormous

The clip first appeared on Twitter and went viral, with over 30,000 retweets.

As expected, netizens suspected fowl play (not sorry) and spent a big part of their weekend being scared of him or debating whether it's real or fake

As much as you want to be in denial of this huge feathered dinosaur, it's not fake and many of them are happily roaming the Earth scaring every living human being in sight.

The rooster in question is a breed of chicken known as the “Brahma”

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These big birds were developed in the US from large fowls that were imported from China back in the 1840s.

According to the American Livestock Conservancy, such creatures generally weigh around 12 pounds (5kg), but have been known to reach 18 pounds (8kg).

The big chicken apparently belongs to a guy named Fitim Sejfijaj, who posted the video to a Kosovo-based Facebook group called Shepeztaria Dekorative, which translates to "decorative poultry"

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We also found out that the bird's name is "Merakli". He's pretty popular in the group, for obvious reasons.

You're cool, Merakli. But we hope we'll never see you in real life.

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Merakli should've starred in this viral song:

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