This Lady Queued Up For 4 Nights To Get The iPhone X For RM10

All worth it.

Cover image via Celcom

It's the moment local iPhone fans have been waiting for. Apple's latest flagship device, the iPhone X, finally goes on sale today in Malaysia.

Image via Tech Crunch

The iPhone X is officially priced at RM5,149 for the 64GB model and RM5,899 for the larger 256GB option.

Calling it "the future of the smartphone", the iPhone X (it's pronounced "ten" by the way, not "X") features a 5.8-inch OLED screen that boasts brighter and sharper colours. It's also the first iPhone to do away with the iconic home button.

Apple Premium Resellers across Malaysia held midnight launches for eager fans who couldn't wait any longer to get their hands on the device

The line outside a Switch outlet in Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Image via 槟城人(Penang Lang)

Fans lined up in the rain outside MacStudio in Bukit Bintang.

Image via Lim Huey Teng / Malaysiakini

Despite its steep price tag, long lines could be seen at various outlets, a sign of strong demand from Malaysians waiting for the company's 10th anniversary phone.

While some fans started lining up as early as 9pm yesterday, a young lady had apparently been queueing up in front of Celcom Blue Cube at Sunway Pyramid for the past four nights!

Tan Hui Sze.

Image via Celcom

Celcom took to its Facebook page last night to announce that 23-year-old Tan Hui Sze had been lining up in front of the store since Monday, 20 November. She was the first one in the queue. 

"98 hours later, she is still here and in great spirits! The girl who waited in line for 4 nights is here at Blue Cube Iconic Sunway Pyramid," the caption of the post reads.

Her perseverance paid off as she only had to fork out RM10 to purchase the iPhone X!

Image via Celcom

Joining Tan was Imee Juiana Tajuddin, who was the first customer to pre-order a unit at Celcom's online store. Imee also paid RM10 for an iPhone X.

Image via Celcom

Celcom has confirmed to SAYS that Tan signed up for a 24-month contract, with a monthly commitment of RM98.

In conjunction with today's launch, Celcom is doing an in-store promotion where walk-in customers can win attractive offers by spinning a wheel

Mohd Faris Mohd Yeseri.

Image via Celcom

Mohd Faris Mohd Yeseri was one of the first to get the iPhone X 64GB for RM100. Other rewards include free lightning cable, powerbank, and RM100 rebate for the iPhone X.

The promotion is only applicable at Celcom Blue Cube in Sunway Pyramid. 

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