This Malaysian Brand Is Selling "Brain Synchronising Caps" For RM1,200

More than 100 caps have already been sold.

Cover image via Sihulk/Facebook

Johor-based brand Sihulk has released a cap promising to "synchronise your brain" and cure various ailments for a little over RM1k

Image via Sihulk/Facebook

In a post on their official Facebook page, Sihulk wrote that the cap, made with the falaq method, will "Insya Allah help patients who suffer from mind imbalance such as with pyrosis or insomnia."

According to Coconuts KL, the brand also promises to cure stress, cirrhosis, migraines, eczema, and to inspire "better ideas."

Though Sihulk teased that their "secret formula" will not be revealed for now, they shared that the most effective time to wear the cap is either after Isyak or when asleep.

Despite claiming that the price is "very cheap compared to the cost of treatment," Sihulk guarantees a full refund if the caps fail to work

Image via Sihulk/Facebook

It is stated, however, that the effects of the cap should be evident after it is worn for at least 5 hours and 56 minutes.

Sihulk explained that the "healing process" depends on the severity of the disease, and thus could take any time between a week to a year.

According to mStar Online, more than 100 caps have already been sold.

For those who suffer from mystical rather than medical afflictions, Sihulk claims that another product of theirs may help

Image via Sihulk/Facebook

In another Facebook post, Sihulk advertised their blouses, which cost RM313 for non-members, as being "very effective for mysterious afflictions such as curses and saka (supernatural entities)."

300 of the blouses have already been sold, according to a report by mStar Online.

Sihulk also sells a drink that promises a 100% cell restoration in a matter of minutes

Image via Sihulk/Facebook

The drink, a blend of honey, water, flowers, sugar, tea, and microbes, is said to rely on the "golden cosmic positioning."

It is said to be made only when the sun, earth, and moon are in perfect harmony with orbiting satellites, Coconuts KL reported.

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