This Malaysian Pilot Who Raped A Woman In Australia Has Been Sentenced To 13 Years In Jail

His name is Alfred Gerard Eravelly.

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Earlier today, 22 June, Western Australia District Court Judge Philip Eaton sentenced a Malaysian commercial airline pilot to 13 years in prison for raping a woman at knifepoint in Perth 21 some years ago

The Malaysian pilot, Alfred Gerard Eravelly (right).

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The Malaysian pilot whose name is Alfred Gerard Eravelly, must serve a minimum of 11 years behind bars before he can be released

Eravelly, who is a father of two, was arrested in February 2016 after he arrived in Sydney on a flight from Malaysia, and was then extradited to Perth.

He was charged with five counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent, burglary, deprivation of liberty and unlawful wounding, according to an Australian site.

Eravelly, however, pleaded not guilty to all charges after a jury found him guilty on all counts following a six-day trial, reported

In March 1996, Eravelly, who was a student at that time in Perth, had allegedly broken into a 38-year-old woman's house through her bathroom window and had raped the woman at knifepoint

Eravelly, who had tied up his victim and had blindfolded her, had concealed his own identity by wearing a stocking over his head. He then raped the woman.

However, following the assault, police had managed to extract DNA traces.

Eravelly's DNA was finally matched with an earlier DNA found in Florida, US, where he had committed battery and voyeurism offences in 2000. According to reports, in Florida Eravelly had ejaculated on a woman's hair inside a library at a university campus.

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In his defence, the Malaysian pilot claimed that he tied the victim up as part of a "kinky ritual" as they were in a consensual relationship

He claimed to have dated the woman and had consensual sex with three times before the night in question and that he tied her up as part of a kinky, consensual sex.

Although, he "made a confession" after police turned off their camera that he had been a "peeping Tom" and seen her through her bedroom window.

Eravelly revealed to police he had a fantasy about breaking into a home and raping a woman, however, he didn’t enjoy acting out the fantasy.

On her part, the woman rejected Eravelly's claim that they were having an affair.

The woman, aged 38 at the time, said she had never met Eravelly and that she feared she was going to be killed during the assault that night in 1996.

During the sentencing, Judge Philip Eaton said Eravelly had no hesitation in finding that his account of events "was fabricated"

The Judge also said that Eravelly's actions were nothing short of "terrifying and disturbing" while noting that he remained in denial about what had happened.

"It is clear the impact of your offending is long lasting. You have no insight into your offending, or victim empathy. You remain in denial, without remorse," the Judge was quoted as saying by

Eravelly will be eligible to be released on parole in 2028

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