"My Mother, My Little Brother, And My Maid Were All Murdered Eight Years Ago"

"My mum was my backbone and now she's gone because someone came into my house and killed her."

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The deaths of Nhaveen and Zulfarhan have rocked the nation as people are filled with grief and anger over the tragic events

Malaysians mourn for these two young men — 18-year-old T. Nhaveen and 21-year-old Navy cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain, whose lives were cut short as both were allegedly tortured and killed by their own peers in the most brutal and violent manner.

Both cases have been classified as murder.

While their cases are still pending, many Malaysians have demanded justice to be served.

One particular netizen even created a thread on Twitter recently to condemn the suspects in Zulfarhan's murder case.

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The said user went on to say that the spirit of camaraderie, displayed by the friends of the suspects, has no place in a murder case.

However, the idea did not sit too well with some netizens who criticised the man for starting the thread and considered it to be a "vigilante acts of justice".

They said that the man should not have named and insulted the suspects, and instead, allow justice to take its cause through the country's legal system.

The issue blew up on social media, and another user on Twitter decided to speak up about the matter.

She said she could understand the outrage surrounding the cases — and revealed her own personal story that many found to be shocking and heartbreaking.

"I am sorry for being so emotional over the cases of Nhaveen and Zulfarhan. I am just shocked to see that there are so many people who want to put this aside and move on from this matter. I'm personally affected because I have been/still am in the position of the victim's family."

She said the series of tweets about the suspects in Zulfarhan's case were "purely intended for the murderers" and that the posts have "nothing to do with their family, friends, or university".

"I have never thought that I would publish this online but my mother, my little brother (he was 5), and my maid were all murdered eight years ago."

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In a series of tweets, the 21-year-old delved into details of what happened eight years ago when she lost a sibling and her mother overnight.

"A robber just walked into our house and took their lives in the middle of the day."

"Do you know where the murderer is now? He was let loose by the court. Living his life in Ipoh. Going to movies and just enjoying his days," she wrote.

It was learned that a suspect was caught, but the High Court acquitted and discharged the accused in respect of the murder of three persons.

While the man escaped the gallows after the acquittal, the fact remains that a young girl and her sister had to grow up without their mother and little brother

"We are struggling. Each and every one of us is," she said.

"Some nights I go to sleep just crying out of nowhere questioning my life and why (my) family had to go. My mum was my backbone and now she's gone because someone came into my house and killed her."

The young lady had gone through the last eight years, struggling to be strong for her sister, who was only 10 years old when the incident happened.

She said that perhaps things could have been different if more people were aware of what had happened

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"This is probably shocking to some people who know me in real life. But that's the truth. People get killed. That is how unfair life is," she went on saying.

"I am not supporting cyber bullying or anything. My point here is simply to let people know that this apologetic culture has a price to pay."

"If you are a relative/friends of the murderers, please don't be mad that citizens are expressing their anger towards them," she added.

"They killed him brutally with their own hands. Let them pay for this. Cause and effect."

She ended the series of tweets by saying that people are free to disagree with her, but she kindly asked them to "stay away".

"This is the only place that my voice is heard. So let me be."

Many netizens started pouring in their support and words of encouragement to the courageous young lady for opening up and sharing her story out in the open

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Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

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