This Man Jumped Queue And Punched A Guy Over These Limited Edition Adidas Sneakers

He suffered a broken nose.

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Police arrests man who punched another guy over adidas sneakers in KLCC

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Utusan Online confirmed in a report yesterday that the suspect was arrested at his home in Batu Caves for assaulting a man in front of adidas Originals KLCC last Saturday.

He was brought into custody at the police station in Dang Wangi at around 12am on 14 November.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Shaharudin Abdullah said the suspect admitted to jumping the queue and punching the man's face

Shaharudin revealed that the suspect has previous criminal convictions. The case is currently being investigated under the Section 323/351 of the Penal Code.

13 November: Fashion icon and 'Happy' singer Pharrell Williams released his latest collection of adidas sneakers over the weekend in selected retailers in the Klang Valley

Image via Fatsole

The collaborative 'NMD HU Trail' sneaker pack has been on the must-buy list for sneakerheads and scalpers alike ever since on-feet photos of the eye-catching shoes pop up a few months ago.

The pack was sold on 11 November on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a retail price of RM1,150 for a pair.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a peaceful release

adidas Originals KLCC.

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The adidas Originals store in KLCC was one of the few to release the shoes. Due to limited quantities, sneakerheads and resellers had to camp overnight on the premises to ensure they stood a chance to purchase the sneakers.

Before the shoes were made available to consumers on Saturday morning, a fight broke out.

A video which shows a dispute between two men in front of adidas Originals KLCC has been making rounds on social media

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The 50-second video shows a heated argument between two individuals that led to a physical assault. 

The aggressor, who was wearing a cap, could be heard shouting about a name list while the other individual calmly explained to him that adidas has always practised first-come-first-serve for limited releases.

Agitated, the aggressor stormed forward and punched him in the face.

Meanwhile, someone claiming to be a friend of the victim had taken to Facebook to explain what went down on that morning

Image via Facebook

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Kyt Vek alleged that the man demanded everyone in line to queue up according to his name list. When his friend didn't comply, he got angry and assaulted him.

As a result, his friend suffered a broken nose. 

You can watch the full video below:

It's just sneakers, people...

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The Yeezy sneaker raffle last year almost caused a riot in front of Pavillion:

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