This Man Just Discovered That He Photobombed His Wife 11 Years Before They Met

The couple believe it was an act of destiny.

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Mutual friends brought Mr. Ye and Miss Xue of Chengdu, China together in 2011, which eventually led to their marriage one year later. Little did they know that fate had already brought them together over a decade ago.

Mr Ye and Ms Xue's wedding photograph in Qingdao, China.

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The couple became acquainted in 2011 after Ye returned to their hometown from university in Suzhou.

They have now been married for five years and are parents to twin daughters.

Recently, Ye was going through his wife’s old photos when he came across a holiday picture taken 18 years ago. In the photo was a familiar face… his own!

Ms Hue's photograph at the May Fourth Square in 2000.

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Ye could be seen in the background of his future wife's photograph from two decades ago posing for his own snapshot.

Turns out, they’d both visited the May Fourth Square in the city of Qingdao at the exact same moment in July 2000. Ye even dug out a matching photo of his 17-year-old self posing in front of the landmark.

Mr Ye being photographed in front of the same landmark at the exact same time.

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He explained to Chengdu Business Daily that he was visiting the landmark with a tour group on a holiday while his wife was there with her mother.

When his children are older, Ye plans to take the family back to the same spot in Qingdao as he said it holds a special meaning for him and his wife

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Xue told local Chinese media that she was stunned by the power of fate.

Ye plans to keep and treasure both photographs as a momento, adding that, "My wife says I don’t know how to be romantic. I'll show her romantic."

The couple visited the same landmark in Qingdao in 2012 after getting married.

Image via Asia Wire

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