People Are Horrified By Video Of A Python Squeezing A Community Cat To Death In Singapore

The chilling video looks like a scene from National Geographic.

Cover image via Mothership/Siau Li Chao

A python was recently caught on video coiling around a cat and killing it at an apartment block in Singapore

The incident took place at 10.30pm on 16 November at Block 726 Jurong West Avenue 5.

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Screenshot from the video.

Screenshot from the video.

Image via Mothership

Onlookers found the cat trying to break free from the snake, but it eventually stopped moving after writhing for two to three minutes

Stomp reported that the person taking the video wanted to save the cat but was too late.

The python was then seen slithering into a nearby drain and remained there until about 11.26pm.

One of the bystanders then contacted Singapore's Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), which arrived to capture the snake

"We responded but we understand that the snake had moved into a covered drain. The cat was already dead. The presence of the crowd probably caused the snake to let go of the cat and move away as they are generally shy animals," ACRES told Stomp.

Videos of the incident have since gone viral, as netizens and residents took to social media to express their grief

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Watch the video below of the authorities removing the python from the drain:

Python caught at 726 jurong west... Rip cat

Posted by Siau Li Chao on Friday, November 16, 2018

On an absurd note, this python was found in a box being delivered to a student in Malaysia via Pos Laju:

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