Swiss Man In Thailand Claims His Life Was Ruined By A Thai Woman But He Still Loves Her

Having lost his life savings of over RM1.3 million, he now battles to make ends meet each day.

Cover image via TMN Cable News

A 56-year-old man from Switzerland, who now lives in Thailand, recently spoke to a Thai media about how his life was turned upside down by a Thai woman

The Swiss man, Tony Niko used to make around RM40,000 a month by running a building extension firm in his home country. There he employed 50 people to work in the firm, The Thaiger reported via TMN Cable TV.

During a visit to Thailand, Tony claims he met a woman who would go on to change his life.

Image via TMN Cable News

According to Tony, he met "the love of his life" while he was visiting the Walking Street, Pattaya

Tony says he spent seven years together with the woman, whose name he said was Leuchakorn. They lived in Rayong, located on the east coast of Thailand.

He claims he bought her a house, a car, and land in Rayong.

And when Leuchakorn needed money for her new laundry business, Tony did not hesitate to invest in it.

According to him, his life savings, worth over RM1.3 million, were enough for both of them to last. 

Image via TMN Cable News

After seven years of being together, Tony finally asked the Thai woman to marry him

He believed that they would live a blissful married life and proposed to continue residing in Thailand after his marriage.

Leuchakorn, however, was reluctant to marry Tony, claiming that she had to work further up north in the country.

Before he realised it, she sold the house and land under her name before vanishing.

It's been three years since the woman disappeared from his life but Tony, still in love, is looking for her till today

Tony, who now battles to make ends meet each day, claims that he still loves her and wants to reunite with her so that they can continue living together.

He no longer has any savings and is forced to live at a temple in Jomtien, south of Pattaya.

According to The Thaiger, he survives by sweeping the grounds and getting help from the locals who are familiar with him.

However, Tony claims that he is happy and still intends to continue living in Thailand.

Image via TMN Cable News

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