Touch 'N Go Has Stopped Selling SmartTAGS And Will Be Testing RFID Stickers Next Month

Hopefully less cars reversing at the SmartTAG lane.

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Touch 'n Go recently announced that it has ceased the sale of SmartTAGS and will soon replace it with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers

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Public pilot tests for the RFID tags will begin from September 2018

What is RFID?

It is a new electronic toll payment system that uses a sticker to pass through tolls.

The RFID sticker, also called an RFID tag, is embedded with a radio frequency chip and is fixed to either the windscreen or the headlight of your vehicle.

Take note, that the tag can only be registered and paired to one vehicle.

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How will the RFID system work?

Once the sticker is pasted to your vehicle, it will be linked to a Touch 'n Go eWallet.

This wallet allows you to monitor your balance or to top-up credit through online banking or debit/credit cards.

As your vehicle passes through a toll, an overhead scanner reads the radio-frequency from the RFID sticker to lift the toll barrier and charge the toll fare.

The fare will be automatically deducted from your Touch 'n Go eWallet that the sticker is linked to.

How long can I use my existing SmartTAG?

Your existing SmartTAG can still be used for now, as the system will only be officially rolled out in January next year.

However, if you would like to sign up for the RFID tag pilot testing, you can submit your details to the website:

Once you have signed up, you will be sent an email to register your vehicles' information and to make appointments for RFID installations through the Touch 'n Go RFID Portal's appointment system.

For more info on the RFID system, click here.

In March, Touch 'n Go released an app that allows you to pay your bills online among other things:

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