Tourism Malaysia Reveals New 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Logo And It Looks Much Better Now

The logo features icons such as the Rhinoceros hornbill, paku pakis, and bunga raya.

Cover image via Twitter @MyMOTAC

Remember that retro-looking 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo that received a lot of backlash?

The logo, which was launched in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2018, featured an orangutan hugging a proboscis monkey alongside a turtle on a beach.

Also, they were all wearing sunglasses while the Petronas Twin Towers sat in the background. 

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture eventually launched a contest to select a new logo for the campaign.

Earlier today, 22 July, the new logo was finally revealed to the rakyat

"The campaign logo, part of the campaign's marketing and promotional efforts, features various recognisable icons of Malaysia such as the hornbill, the bunga raya (hibiscus), the wild fern, and colours of the Malaysian flag," Tourism Malaysia's press release said.

"Together, they represent the diversity of Malaysia's culture, heritage, flora and fauna, as well as experiences offered as a holiday destination."

The tagline for the campaign is "Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020", reported New Straits Times.

The creative genius behind the new logo is 23-year-old graphic designer Alfred Phua Hong Fook, who hails from Melaka

Graphic designer and winner of the logo contest, Alfred Phua Hong Fook.

Image via Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture/Facebook

In a tweet explaining the rationale of the logo, it is said Phua was "inspired by Malaysian Batik" in deciding its style.

Here's a breakdown on the rationale of the other elements:
- Rhinoceros hornbill: illustrates the unique fauna and eco-adventures offered in Malaysia.
- Red hibiscus: in English, it means "flower of celebration" which encapsulates the celebration of cultural diversity in Malaysia.
- Wild fern: also known locally as 'paku pakis', the edible plant is a favourite among Malaysians of all races and represents the unique flavours of Malaysian cuisine.

A truly fitting logo for Malaysia!

Here's a recap of some of the amazing redesigns of the old 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo:

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