Multiple Cars Crashed After 'Geng Minyak' Allegedly Spilt Oil Along Karak Highway

It is believed that some unscrupulous tow truck operators have spilt the oil, wanting to cause accidents.

Cover image via Bala Mk

Road users have been warned to be careful when driving, after a few cars crashed along the Karak Highway recently

Image via Bala Mk

Facebook user Bala K shared the incident on Monday, 3 July, and alleged that oil was split on the road by a group of people whom he called as 'Geng Minyak'.

Based on the post, quite a number of vehicles were involved in the accident along the same stretch of KM75 of Karak Highway.

All the victims had purportedly lost control of their vehicles on the bend and crashed into the roadside barrier because of the oil spill.

Image via Bala Mk

Bala had shared a series of photos of the incident, receiving more than 6,000 shares as of today

Image via Bala Mk
Image via Bala Mk
Image via Bala Mk
Image via Bala Mk

It was alleged that the incident is part of an ongoing tow truck scam that has been quite rampant lately

Image via Bala Mk

It is believed that the irresponsible perpetrators are tow trucks operators who want quick profits. Allegedly, the culprits intentionally spilt oil on the road so that cars will get skidded and crash, thus requiring the vehicles to be towed.

They would prey on unsuspecting victims by offering their service but will later demand a large amount of money from the victim. If the victim refuses to pay the sum of money demanded, they would refuse to return the car.

One of the most obvious indications that a tow truck operator may be up to no good is when the tow truck operator makes an appearance just minutes after an accident happened and solicits for business.

Image via Bala Mk

One of the victims involved in the incident also shared about the ordeal on social media

Image via Cik Lynn

The victim, named Cik Lynn on Facebook, said that she sustained minor injuries to her forehead and eyes in the accident.

It was learned that the incident happened near the Bandar Karak exit on Monday at 6.30am.

"This is the accident that almost robbed my life," she wrote in a post.

Meanwhile, many other netizens also said that they had experienced the same thing along the Karak Highway

One of them was, Anis Razak, who wrote a comment saying she had also gotten into an accident last week, when she was travelling back to Kuala Lumpur from Kuantan. She lost control of the vehicle at KM76 of the Karak Highway and crashed into a road divider.

According to her, two other vehicles were also involved in an accident at the same time. Fortunately, Anis escaped unhurt but her car was badly damaged.

Another Facebook user, Mohammad Fauzi Rozali, said that a car had crashed into his friend who was riding a Kawasaki Z1000 bike at KM74 of the Karak Highway on 2 July

"When I walked up to my friend who got into an accident, my shoes were slippery. Someone spilt oil for sure. Alhamdulillah, my friend and the driver were safe," he said.

Mohammad Fauzi added that a gang of tow truck operators, whom he suspected to have spilt the oil, arrived at the scene in less than five minutes after the incident happened.

They offered to call for help but became angry and immediately left after Mohammad Fauzi declined their offer because the vehicles involved in the accident were still functional. He learned that similar incidents have happened earlier in the day as well.

Stay safe on the roads, everyone!

In other news, a young man has been "fainting" to get money from concerned passers-by:

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