[VIDEO] 2 Men Arrested For Tailgating Ambulance Carrying A Patient To Hospital In Klang

It is still unclear why the two men acted rashly with the ambulance.

Cover image via Azman Roy via Traffic Info Crew (Facebook)

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Two motorists, who were tailgating and obstructing an ambulance as it was carrying a patient to a hospital in a viral video, have been arrested

The ambulance was reportedly transporting a bedridden dialysis patient to the Sri Kota Hospital in Klang on Thursday afternoon, 24 March, when the incident happened.

It was on Jalan Tepi Sungai Klang when a white Toyota Hiace started tailgating the ambulance.

The ambulance driver could be heard reprimanding the van driver through a loudspeaker that he was too close to the emergency services vehicle, which would endanger the passengers of both vehicles if the ambulance were to suddenly make a hard break.

And yet, the white van did not heed the ambulance's warning and even flashed its headlights. 

So the ambulance gave another reprimand through the loudspeaker that if the van did not stop driving recklessly, they would be forced to report it to the police.

That's when a motorcyclist suddenly overtook the ambulance, stopped in the middle of the road, and blocked the ambulance from going any further

At the same time, the van stopped beside the ambulance, as if to trap it.

In the ambulance's dash cam footage, it can be seen that as soon as the motorcycle rider approaches the ambulance driver and starts cursing, the driver quickly reverses the vehicle and manoeuvres it away from the suspects.

The chase continues for a while before the motorcycle rider turns into another street.

The white van keeps tailing the ambulance while honking and flashing its headlights, but it also eventually drives off elsewhere when the ambulance neared a police station.

The paramedics, as well as the bedridden dialysis patient, managed to arrive safely at the hospital after the alarming encounter.

The two suspects were arrested by the South Klang district police headquarters criminal investigation department at 4pm yesterday

According to district police chief ACP Cha Hoong Fong, a check on the two suspects, aged 53 and 30, showed they did not have any past records, reported Free Malaysia Today.

The police will make a remand application on the two suspects today, 26 March, at the Klang Court.

The case is being investigated under Section 279 of the Penal Code for driving in a rash or dangerous manner on a public road, and under Section 341 of the same code for wrongful obstruction.

However, it is still unclear why the two men acted rashly with the ambulance.

You can watch the video here.

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