Two Of Najib's Key Officials Hasanah And Irwan Serigar To Face Charges Tomorrow

Najib himself is expected to face more charges related to 1MDB.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Mkini (edited)

Two of the top civil servants, who served under former prime minister Najib Razak during the Barisan Nasional administration, are expected to face several charges brought against them by MACC

The two are former Treasury secretary-general Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah and former Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) chief Hasanah Abdul Hamid.

They have been called in for questioning at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission today and are likely to be charged on Thursday, 25 October, according to reports.

While Irwan is expected face charges in connection with the 1MDB scandal, Hasanah is expected to be charged in connection with the disappearance of RM49.9 million.

The former spy chief was arrested in August in connection with the case of misappropriating USD12 million funds meant for GE14

Hasanah was arrested with seven MEIO officers and a businessperson from Kelantan.

According to a report in Malaysiakini, which quoted a source with knowledge of the investigations, Hasanah will be charged under Section 409 of the Penal Code.

Section 409 deals with criminal breach of trust (CBT) by public servants or agents, and is punishable by a maximum jail term of 20 years, whipping, and a possible fine.

Hasanah being escorted by SPRM officers.

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Hasanah has been surrounded in controversy even before her arrest regarding the alleged misappropriation of funds. It was the former spy chief who had sent a letter to the Central Intelligence Agency to support BN even if they won GE14 by "just 1 seat"

The letter asked for the CIA director to report to the Secretary of State on "the complexity of managing" GE14 by Najib and "the need to have US support" for BN.

A file photo from 2013 of Najib meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Meanwhile, Irwan has allegedly misused government funds to bail out 1MDB following a settlement agreement it inked with Abu Dhabi's International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) in 2017

Irwan is expected to be arrested by the MACC today and is expected to formally answer charges against him with regard to the case tomorrow, NST Online reported.

Image via Malay Mail

Along with Irwan, Najib is also expected to face charges linked with 1MDB's dealings with the International Petroleum Investment Co

According to a report in NST Online, Najib could face further prosecution over the 1MDB corruption scandal, this time over transactions linked to IPIC.

The prosecutors would hold Najib liable for his role in last year's debt settlement between 1MDB and the Abu Dhabi wealth fund, reported NST Online earlier this week.

He is expected to face charges related to criminal breach of trust.

Image via Malay Mail

All three will be held overnight at MACC headquarters. They will be taken to the Jalan Duta Courts Complex on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Najib, who is currently out on bail, has appealed to the public for donations to help cover his family's legal costs:

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