Uncle Kentang Is Looking For Foster Family For 12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Kicked Out Of Home

The boy was rescued by the social activist after being kicked out of the house by his single mother.

Cover image via Kuan Chee Heng (Facebook)

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A 12-year-old boy, who was allegedly evicted from his home in Cheras by his mother, has been rescued by social activist Kuan Chee Heng

According to Kuan's Facebook post on 26 July, the boy was kicked out of his house after a big quarrel with his mother.

"Divorced and stressed, (his) mum decided to not have him back home," said Kuan, who is fondly known as Uncle Kentang.

The 56-year-old philanthropist had tried to contact the boy's father, but to no avail, because the boy had not met him for three years.

The boy has also quit school since June 2020, making Kuan feel the urgency to get him a foster parent so he can receive formal education again.

"[To] anyone who wishes to help this boy or become [his] foster parent, please do get in touch with me," pleaded Kuan.

Kuan decided to let the boy stay at his house because "placing him in a hotel will be a cruel thing to do."

"I cannot bear to see him sleep on the street," he added.

Kuan did not only rescue the boy, but he also let him stay at his house, got him a haircut, and bought him two new pairs of glasses

In another post, Kuan showed pictures of him bringing the boy to an optical shop.

He did that because he felt sorry for him after noticing that his glasses were broken.

"It [has been] broken since last year. Mum has no money to repair," wrote Kuan.

In taking care of the boy, Kuan also bought him two pairs of shoes

Kuan noted in his Facebook post, "We will go for a walk at Bukit Jalil Park tomorrow to exercise."

Last month, the social activist offered assistance to a mother and her son who were living on a plantation without electricity and water:

Uncle Kentang also came to a woman's aid after she was evicted from her home last year:

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