UTAR Student Shares Why She Regrets Saving Money To Celebrate Friend’s Birthday

She said the incident became a learning experience for her.

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A Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) student recently shared how she went to great lengths to celebrate her friend's 21st birthday party, only to feel unappreciated in the end

In a UTAR Confessions Facebook post, the anonymous student wrote about the way her friend treated her and how the incident became a learning experience for her.

The post has received over 3,900 likes and 522 shares. 

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According to the student, she bought a bus ticket back to her hometown to attend her friend's birthday celebration even though her exams were coming up

However, before attending the party, the student went to a mall to buy an expensive gift for her friend. She claimed that she had to survive on instant noodles for the rest of the month in order to afford the gift.

As the gift shopping took longer than expected, she was chided by her friend for being late to the party.

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In return, when it came to her own 21st birthday, she expected her friend to at least send a birthday wish as she could not return to her hometown due to her exams

Her friend, however, only wished her a month later after she noticed others sending in birthday wishes.

According to the student, her friend said that she did not want to send in a wish because she thought it would not be special.

They eventually met for a meal to celebrate the student's birthday but she revealed that she was quite disappointed that her friend did not put in as much as effort into her birthday celebration like she had done for her.

The whole incident made her realise that she was unfilial as she has been treating her family the same way her friend treated her

"I think I know who are the ones that matter the most to me now," she shared in her post, adding that she has never spent much money on birthday gifts for her family but they did not blame her for it. 

She also added that this experience taught her to be more sensible and that not all friends would put in the same effort as she does for them.  

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