[VIDEO] Myvi Driver Wrecks Multiple Cars Parked Safely In TTDI Grove Parking Bay

The driver admitted to using a phone while driving.

Cover image via @wanie_297 (TikTok) & @aleng446 (TikTok)

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On TikTok, multiple videos show a driver crashing into and wrecking a number of vehicles that were parked safely in a bay in TTDI Grove

One of the videos posted by user @aleng44 has garnered over 2.5 million views so far.

The user tagged TTDI Grove, Kajang as the location of the incident. It is believed that the incident happened on Tuesday, 9 May, as per the date shown under @aleng44's video upload.

In the 12-second video, at least three parked cars are seen wrecked, as the owners inspect the damage.

According to the uploader, the driver of the vehicle in question, a dark grey Myvi, admitted to being careless and using a phone while driving. The owners of the damaged cars have since filed a police report.

One of the comments stated that even cars parked inside parking bays are now unsafe.

Meanwhile, a second video was uploaded by one of the vehicle owners

The second video, uploaded by @wanie_297, shows the dark grey Myvi in question.

According to the uploader, she heard the Myvi driver may have suffered from microsleep.

The video later shows the uploader's wrecked car being towed away.

Watch the video here:

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