PDRM: Melaka Murder Victim Also Made Lewd Comments About The Woman's Bottom

The police said it was the boyfriend's bodyguard who pulled a knife out of his pocket to stab the victim.

Cover image via China Press & Inforoadblock (Facebook)

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The police have now revealed that the victim in the recent murder case in Tengkera, Melaka not only made lewd comments about a woman's breast size, but also her bottom

According to Harian Metro, the discovery was made following further investigations.

It is understood that the victim, who worked as a scrap metal outlet manager, made the remarks about the woman's body to his friends, eventually leading to a fierce fight on Jalan Kenanga after a bodyguard accompanying the woman and her boyfriend heard them, reported China Press.

In a statement yesterday, 11 May, Melaka Tengah district police chief ACP Christopher Patit said it was the bodyguard who pulled out a knife from his pocket to stab the victim in the front and back.

"The results of the doctor's examination revealed four stab wounds (on the deceased), namely on the left and right ribs, one of which hit the heart. The other stab hit the heart (as well), in addition to another stab at the back of the body," Harian Metro quoted him as saying.

"The cause of the victim's death was stab wounds to his heart," Patit explained.

According to the district police chief, the victim had come out from an entertainment outlet with his friends prior to the incident

While intoxicated, he went to a stall in that area for supper with his friends.

When they were about to leave, the victim made lewd comments about the female suspect in Tamil, which were overheard by her boyfriend's bodyguard.

It is alleged that the boyfriend is a businessman with a 'Datuk Seri' title, and is married with three kids. He acted aggressively toward the victim during the fracas, constantly asking the victim, "You mana punya budak? (Where are you from?)"

Patit said after the arrest of nine suspects involved in the case, the police found a motorcycle belonging to the bodyguard in Banda Hilir, where a knife was found in the pannier, reported China Press.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, recently surfaced closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows the female suspect seemingly trying to break up the fight, only to be pushed to the ground

The footage was taken from a CCTV setup located in front of a shoplot. It shows a group of approximately 10 people engaging in a fistfight while the female suspect tries to separate herself from the brawl.

She is also seen making a phone call during the chaos.

Image via China Press

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