[VIDEO] Netizens Are Divided Over Who Is Wrong In This Federal Highway Hit-And-Run

The accident happened last Sunday, 8 March.

Cover image via We Are Malaysians/Facebook

A dashcam video catching a hit-and-run accident on Federal Highway went viral in the last few days

The minute-long video widely shared across Facebook shows a black BMW severely changing lanes just in time to slip into the highway exit to New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

However, a food delivery rider coming on fast from behind was unable to avoid the BMW's last-minute swerve, crashed right into the back of the car and was sent flying into the air.

As the rider lands roughly on the road - motorcycle, delivery bag, and food strewn across the highway - the BMW can be seen slowing down at the side before speeding off again.

The video ends with people stopping at the side at the road to help the fallen rider.

According to the recording, the accident happened last Sunday, 8 March at 1.13pm.

It seems that the video went viral because netizens are divided over the who is to blame for the accident

These Facebook users think it is the fault of the motorcycle for not using the designated motorcycle lane on Federal Highway.

On the other hand, this user said, "The car is the main cause of this accident. See that he left the scene? The motorcyclist met his destiny."

However, most agreed that it was the fault of both parties, as commented by this user, "Suddenly lefty by the black car is obviously wrong. It is also wrong for the motorcycle to be on that lane since it is Federal Highway with specific lane for bikers on the far left."

"The government should impose strict rules for motorcycles to be on specific lanes because these bikers make it difficult sometimes by blocking cars," he added.

Facebook user Amerul Izuwan has since identified the rider as his friend Nizam Mazlan, who was on the job sending food to a customer when the accident happened

While admitting that Nizam was also wrong for not using the motorcycle lane, in a post on the night of the incident, Amerul slammed the BMW driver for not taking responsibility and leaving his friend lying down and injured on the highway.

"As a result [of the accident], Nizam has a broken left shoulder and internal injuries," said Amerul.

He then urged readers for help to identify the BMW driver to take responsibility for their actions as they could not make out the car plate number from the dashcam video.

Watch the video below:

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