[VIDEO] Khairy Shows Off His Chinese Speaking Abilities After Taking The Sinovac Vaccine

Acting confused, Khairy Jamaluddin said in jest that his Chinese improved after receiving the vaccine.

Cover image via @Khairykj (Twitter)

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Science, Technology, And Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin became the first Malaysian to be administered China's Sinovac vaccine yesterday, 18 March.

How did he tell the world about it? By speaking Chinese, that is.

"Hi, everyone. I am Khairy, the Science Minister," said the Rembau Member of Parliament (MP).

Image via @Khairykj (Twitter)

In a 24-second long video uploaded to his Twitter account yesterday, Khairy said he felt great after receiving the Sinovac vaccine

"I want to say that it (the vaccine) is safe. I am feeling very good. My Chinese has gotten better suddenly," said the minister in Chinese.

"No matter what kind of vaccine it is, it is safe. Let us defeat the virus together. Protect yourself, protect everyone!"

The caption accompanying the video is also written in Chinese.

At the time of writing, the tweet has gone viral with over 6,400 likes and 2,400 shares.

"Protect yourself, protect everyone!" Khairy said in Chinese.

Image via @Khairykj (Twitter)

Many netizens noted in jest that the side effect of Sinovac is an improvement in Chinese fluency, while some said they hope South Korea would produce a vaccine so that they could gain instant Korean speaking abilities.

Khairy showed off his Chinese speaking abilities again during a press conference after receiving the jab

Greeting reporters in Chinese as well as making the same joke about how his fluency in Chinese had improved following the vaccination, his brief Chinese address elicited some laughter from the floor.

According to Malaysiakini, Sinovac is the second vaccine type to be used in the national immunisation programme against COVID-19.

Khairy is the first recipient of the vaccine, and he received the jab at Rembau Hospital in Negeri Sembilan on Thursday.

While the first vaccine that arrived in Malaysia — Pfizer BioNTech — has an efficiency rate of 95%, clinical trials of Sinovac's efficiency rate ranges from 50% to 65% and 91% in Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey respectively.

Although it has a lower efficiency rate, Pharmaniaga Group — the local company that bottled the vaccine — assured that it will still help prevent people from developing more serious COVID-19 symptoms that will require hospitalisation.

Watch Khairy show off his Chinese following the vaccination here:

His Chinese sounds even better during the press conference. Watch it here.

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