Influencer Who Travelled Interstate During MCO For Honeymoon Says It's Allowed By Police

She emphasised that permission to travel depends on the mood of the police officer in charge.

Cover image via Twitter

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An Instagram personality and businesswoman recently landed in hot water after uploading photos of her honeymoon online

On 18 March, a Twitter user uploaded several screenshots of the woman's Instagram Story and wrote, "Instafamous and stupidity cannot be parted."

As of the time of writing, the tweet had garnered over 11,700 retweets and 10,600 likes.

Image via Twitter

The screenshots show the influencer answering people's questions about how she managed to travel to a different state while movement restrictions are implemented throughout the country

At the same time, she shared photos of her and her husband enjoying their holiday by the sea.

When one person asked what excuse she had to travel interstate, she responded, "Honeymoon. Why are you guys overreacting? You can just get a letter. You haven't even tried and you're already jealous."

Image via Twitter

Another follower then asked, "You can use a honeymoon as a reason to travel interstate?"

"Yes, you can," she said.

"I've booked my trip since December but if the police in your area are strict, then deal with it. The police in my area said, 'That's quite a wait. Are you newlyweds? You're allowed to go. It's a private place right? Or are you going to a wedding? If weddings, then it's not allowed.'"

Image via Twitter

She emphasised that permission to travel depends on the mood of the police officer in charge

"If their mood is not okay, don't even hope for it to be approved. But seriously, everything is already back to normal. Highways are already packed. As long as you follow standard operating procedures (SOPs)," she said.

"Don't ask me anymore if it's allowed or not. Ask your police station."

Image via Twitter

Her posts stirred netizens' anger.

Several people stated that others have been denied the chance to travel interstate.

"Must be nice that she can cross state borders just for a honeymoon. Others are cupping their tears because they can't travel interstate to see family members," one person commented.

Image via Twitter

Another person wrote, "I haven't gone home to see my father in Terengganu for a year. If interstate travel is still not allowed this year for Raya, it will be my second Raya facing the ceiling alone with my drenched pillow after a video call with my family."

Image via Twitter

"I was patiently waiting for interstate travel to be allowed to take my father on a holiday. But we never got to because my father passed away. You're nonchalantly going on honeymoon, how fun. It's been a year of MCO, it did not just start an hour ago."

Image via Twitter

Remember to limit your movement and keep practising physical distancing. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation here:

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