[VIDEO] Lone Security Guard Takes On 15 Robbers Stealing RM70K Worth Of Items In Cheras

The security guard was not injured from the incident.

Cover image via Traffic Info Crew (Facebook)

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Last Friday, 25 March, a security guard single-handedly took on 15 robbers during a heist in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, and his valorous action was recorded in two videos, believed to be taken by a bystander

According to the Kajang police department's statement published yesterday, 28 March, the security guard was working at a computer hardware store in Bandar Damai Perdana at the time.

He was assaulted by a group of 15 robbers with baseball bats.

The suspects, then, broke into the shop located on the second floor and looted RM70,000 worth of computer hardware.

The videos taken from a distance from a higher angle show that they took several minutes and trips to load the items into a white van.

Police said the suspects arrived at the location in four vehicles, namely a grey Nissan Navara, Toyota Hiace, Perodua Alza, and Proton Exora. The latter three vehicles are all white.

In one of the videos that captured the incident unfolding, another white vehicle is seen attempting to block the white van from leaving the scene

The one-minute-and-43-second video shows the sedan blocking the van and even charging at a robber.

theSundaily reported that the security guard managed to flee from the robbers before getting into his car and trying to stop the robbers from escaping.

The video shows the security guard honking repeatedly to draw attention to the robbery. He also crashes his vehicle into the van after a robber throws an object at his vehicle.

Based on the footage, as the security guard tries to reposition his vehicle, another car drives in at the last second to seemingly help him block the van's escape route. However, the van manages to slip past them.

The video shows the van leaving the scene while three other vehicles follow behind.

Kajang police chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan said the security guard was unhurt, but his vehicle was damaged during the incident

The authorities are currently tracking down the suspects.

The case is being investigated under Sections 395 and 397 of the Penal Code.

If convicted, the suspects could face up to 20 years in jail and are liable to whipping, said the Kajang police department.

Below is the footage of the incident:

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