[VIDEO] Woman Rips Off Car's Side Mirror While Man Double-Parks There For Hours

The owner of the blue Perodua Myvi said he is looking for the woman for an explanation.

Cover image via Pandan Indah 吹水站 (Facebook)

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The owner of a Perodua Myvi is looking for the woman responsible for dismantling his car's side mirror, allegedly because he double-parked on the side of the road

Taking to public Facebook community group 'Pandan Indah 吹水站', a netizen named Kenneth Chiew said he was surprised to find his car damaged after double-parking in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 23 March.

In the viral post, he explained that he double-parked — a form of illegal parking under Section 48(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 — next to a white car belonging to his colleague after he was unable to find a parking spot and had to attend to a work matter urgently.

He said he left his contact details on the dashboard before leaving the car.

However, when he came back about five hours later, he found his blue Myvi badly vandalised

Someone had broken all the side mirrors and wipers, bent the exhaust pipe, scratched up the body paint, and threw a broken foam mattress picked up from a dumpster nearby over the top of his car.

Asking people around for information, Chiew said a shop owner across the street gave him a video recording of a part of the incident

The 49-second clip shows a woman in a red dress and sunglasses breaking off his car's right side mirror and throwing a broken broom at it, visibly angry.

In the Facebook post, Chiew said he did not know the woman and immediately reported the incident to the police. He added that he would like help from the public to find the woman for an explanation.

According to his police report, the incident occurred on Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B while he was away from 2pm to 6.50pm.

"I admit that I was wrong for double-parking and I have also admitted that to the police," he added. He said the police have discussed issuing a parking summon to him.

Ampang Jaya district police chief ACP Farouk Eshak has also put out a statement asking those with information about the incident to come forward to aid in the investigation

According to a media statement, the police said the 21-year-old complainant suffered a loss of RM1,000 due to the damages to his car.

The case is being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief and thereby causing damage to the amount of RM25 or upwards.

The Facebook post has also since garnered over 1,300 comments and been shared over 3,500 times, with netizens having differing views over the matter

Some agreed that while double-parking was wrong, the woman should not have resorted to such measures.

"Even if the car owner is wrong for parking like this, she shouldn't have destroyed his vehicle. Whoever destroys property is wrong. If this goes to the police, [I'm sure] the police will also say it's wrong to damage other people's cars," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"The white car that he double-parked beside belongs to a colleague, and he left his contact number on the dashboard. If the road was really blocked, a call can be made to the car owner to move his car, instead of damaging his property," said another.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, some others were more sympathetic to the woman's behaviour and commented that Chiew's double-parking was the crime in the matter.

"To be honest, since I can drive, I have never encountered a situation where I had to double-park. It's either I had to go a little further, pay parking fees, or drive two more rounds, there has always been a space," said a netizen.

"It's already such a narrow road and you double-parked there from 2pm to 6.30pm. Have you ever thought that because of your actions, a two-lane road became a single lane? Do you think you are only blocking your colleague's car? Although I don't agree with the woman's actions, she merely did what many of us would do."

Image via Facebook

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