[VIDEO] M'sian Shaves His Head In Support Of Wife Battling Cancer

The video showing the husband's compassionate act has amassed over 2.1 million views on TikTok.

Cover image via (TikTok)

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A video of a Malaysian man shaving his hair in solidarity with his wife who is fighting ovarian cancer has gone viral, tugging at netizens' heartstrings

In the heartwarming TikTok video shared by the man himself, Erol Azis, he can be seen gently shaving off his wife's hair in a barbershop.

As he shaves her hair, Erol can be seen consoling his tearful wife, Liza, with a kiss on her head.

Once he is done shaving his wife, Erol then reaches up and starts shaving his own head

His heartwarming action clearly shocks Liza, who attempts to stop him. However, he reassures her and proceeds to continue shaving off his hair.

Throughout the process, he occasionally pauses to hug his wife and kiss her on the head. Eventually, the couple breaks down in tears together.

The video has amassed over 2.1 million views on TikTok, with netizens expressing admiration for the compassionate act displayed by Erol and offering words of support for the couple

"I cannot watch this video, it immediately makes me cry to watch the sacrifice of a husband towards his wife. I hope Liza gets well soon," expressed one user.

Another user mentioned, "You are very lucky to get such a nice husband."

"I hope that you remain strong. You have my support as I am also going through the cancer battle. It's sad to watch this but I hope you persevere," wrote a fellow cancer fighter.

"May she be granted with a miracle," commented another.

Watch the video here:

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