[VIDEO] Man Arrested After Intentionally Throwing Himself At A Moving Car

The dashcam footage shows the man charging towards the car and launching himself into its windshield.

Cover image via Facebook

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Earlier today, 15 April, police arrested a 25-year-old man

The man, who is said to be from Myanmar, was caught on dashcam footage as he intentionally threw himself at a moving car's windshield — allegedly to scam the driver — in Klang last Thursday, 7 April.

According to North Klang district police chief ACP S Vijaya Rao, a police team had received a tip-off against the suspect, who was then detained from his workplace at 10am in Jalan Shapadu Rantau Panjang, Klang.

He has been since been remanded to assist in the investigation under Section 336 of the Penal Code which covers punishment for an act that endangers life or the personal safety of others.

The man is seen on the dashcam footage suddenly crossing the road and flinging himself into the moving car's windshield.

Image via Harian Metro

The clip of the incident had gone viral prior to the arrest.

In it, the man is seen charging toward the moving car that had just turned a left corner and then launches himself into its windshield.

While the car is seen moving at a slow pace, its windshield cracks due to the impact of the suspect's actions. He slides to the ground before a group of people appear and surround the driver.

The driver, who lodged a police report the same day, told the man and the group of people to wait for the police to settle the issue as his car has a dashcam that recorded the incident.

However, as soon as the suspect learns about the dashcam, he makes a run for it.

He faces three months in jail, a fine of RM500, or both if found guilty

The dashcam footage, about 45-seconds in length, can be viewed here:

While the driver in this case was lucky, the woman who crashed into multiple teens on 'basikal lajak' has been found guilty and sent to prison:

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