[VIDEO] Man Gets Fined RM40,000 For Hanging His Pet Dog On A Tree

He merely stood aside and watched the struggling animal.

Cover image via Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue/Facebook

Disclaimer: This story contains disturbing images and video footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

An unemployed man in Selangor was fined RM40,000 by the Sepang Sessions Court yesterday, 13 May, after he was caught red-handed torturing a dog

According to The Star, Muhammad Yoges had strung a dog, believed to be his, with a rope by its neck and hung it on a tree by the roadside in Sungai Sedu, Kuala Langat at 9.45am last Wednesday, 6 May.

In the almost two-minute video that was shared by Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue on the same day, it can be seen that the 35-year-old merely stood by and watched the struggling animal without attempting to free it.

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Image from Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue/Facebook
Image via Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue/Facebook

Selangor Veterinary Services Department (DVS) officers arrived at the scene and told the man to take the dog down immediately

Yoges complied, however, he became aggressive and shouted expletives at the officers after he brought the animal into the compound of a nearby house.

Free Malaysia Today reported that he was arrested by police and their checks revealed that he had been receiving treatment for mental health issues at the Banting Hospital for the past three years.

Yoges was charged under Section 29(1)(e) of the Animal Welfare Act 2015 for cruelly and unreasonably causing pain to his dog

The charge is punishable with a fine from RM20,000 to RM100,000, or three years jail, or both.

The accused pleaded guilty. However, as he was unable to pay the fine, he will serve a one-year jail sentence at the Kajang prison beginning 13 May.

As for the dog, Roslan Mohd Isa from the Selangor DVS said no decision has yet been made about its fate.

"In the event we decide to put the dog up for adoption, we will notify the public and animal welfare organisations," he said.

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