[VIDEO] Netizens Slam Taxi Driver For Kicking Out Sick Passenger From Wuhan

The passenger was heading to the nearest hospital.

Cover image via Twitter @RT_com

A taxi driver in China has gone viral for kicking out one of his passengers who had recently returned from Wuhan

On 29 January, @RT_com on Twitter shared a dashcam video of the interaction between the taxi driver and his passenger.

The tweet read, "Taxi driver kicks out Wuhan virus passenger amid panic over coronavirus in China".

Image via Twitter @RT_com

The video has since garnered 493,800 views and 1,900 likes.

In the video, the taxi driver is seen repeatedly asking the man where he is from.

After a while, the man confesses that he had just returned from Wuhan but is heading to the nearest hospital.

Image via Twitter @RT_com

"Why are you coughing? Where are you from?" the taxi driver asks.

The man says that he is from Baoding, but the taxi driver doesn't believe him due to his accent.

The driver then proceeds to ask if the man has a cold, but he remains silent.

After a while, the driver starts pestering the man and in the end, he admits that he recently returned from Wuhan.

The driver immediately asks the man to get out of the vehicle and drives away.

He then asked his other passenger if they should call the police.

Netizens are criticising the driver for kicking off the sick passenger

One person commented, "He's sick. Bring him to the hospital. What's wrong with humans? Call the police? What's wrong with you?"

Image via Twitter

"I think this was rude as hell. I understand people are scared but he should have asked him before he got in the car. If that were your son or relative, how would you feel if someone did that to you? Doesn't mean the young man was infected. And to call the police? [Shake my head]," said another user.

Image via Twitter

Another netizen wrote, "No. He should have [brought] him to the hospital. Now more people [are] at risk. Poor guy."

Image via Twitter

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