[VIDEO] Teacher Quarantined In Wuhan Documents The City's Eerily Deserted Streets

The city has been on lockdown since Thursday, 23 January.

Cover image via Channel 4 News/Youtube

Amid the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) scare, many have evacuated Wuhan in hopes of escaping the outbreak.

As such, the city has been left extremely deserted, as seen in the video documentation of an Irish teacher quarantined in the Chinese city.

Last week, Business Insider reported that Chinese authorities placed Wuhan on lockdown, suspending various forms of public transportation in order to decelerate the spread of the Wuhan coronavrius outbreak.

While some managed to flee before the lockdown, others were left stranded, cut off from the outside world.

To give people a glimpse of what it's like living in a 'ghost town', Ben Kavanaugh, an Irish teacher living in Wuhan, decided to document his life under quarantine. 

Image via Vox

Kavanaugh’s video blog was uploaded on Sunday, January 26

The video posted on Channel 4's YouTube channel documents the teacher making his way to the grocery store.

Before leaving his home, Kavanaugh took preventive measures by doubling up on face masks as well as wearing goggles and gloves.

Kavanaugh then met up with a friend before proceeding to the grocery store together

They brought suitcases with them so that they could stock up on food and essential supplies that were enough to last for "weeks".

During their walk, Kavanaugh filmed the streets, which were completely empty save for one or two cars

At the grocery store, customers were also seen stocking up on provisions

On the way back, Kavanaugh passed by a pharmacy with a line of people out the door, which was perhaps the only place bustling with activity

Check out the full video below:

Additionally, a drone footage uploaded yesterday, 28 January, provides a bird's-eye view of the vacant city

Watch the full video posted by South China Morning Post below:

Meanwhile, the government is working to evacuate 78 Malaysians who are currently stuck in the Wuhan lockdown:

As of today, 29 January, there are a total of seven confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Malaysia:

But despite the increase in cases, Malaysia is considered one of the "most prepared" countries in Asia when it comes to handling virus outbreaks:

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