Video Shows A 16-Year-Old Bully A Boy Outside His School In Johor While Others Watch

The video shows the bully's friends laughing as he slaps the boy across his face.

Cover image via Facebook

A video uploaded on a Facebook page shows a group of boys bullying a 13-year-old student outside his school in Johor

According to a report in Sin Chew Daily, the bullying incident happened on Wednesday, 17 April, outside a secondary school in Taman Megah Ria, Johor.

The 13-year-old boy who is being bullied is reportedly a student there.

In the video, which is less than 30-seconds-long, the 16-year-old bully, wearing glasses and a black t-shirt is seen sitting across the boy, who is standing.

He then slaps him hard across his face, making the boy lose his balance a little. 

While the 16-year-old bullies the boy, others who appear to be the bully's friends, simply watch and then burst into a laughter a few seconds later.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the off-campus bullying incident triggered a heated discussion among netizens

Shocked by the bullying seen in the video, they called on organisations such as the Ministry of Education and the police to pay attention to the incident.

Meanwhile, a man claiming to be the father of the bully has taken to his Facebook account to apologise for his son's behaviour

According to the father, his son was expelled from school prior to the incident.

"Regarding this issue, I have also tried to educate and explain to him, and I hope everyone can give him another chance! A child's mistake is their parents' responsibility, he only stepped on the wrong path! Please give him another chance!

"As his father, I want to apologise to everyone, and I hope he can be given a chance to change," read the man's Facebook post, as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

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