No One Came To Help As Chinese Woman Gets Run Over Twice In Two Minutes

The injured woman was left helpless in the middle of the road.

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A woman became the victim of two senseless hit-and-run accidents in the city of Leshan, Sichuan province

The woman (circled in red) walking on a zebra crossing before a motorcyclist knocked her down.

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According to Asia One, the woman, surnamed Zhang, was crossing the busy road at a zebra crossing when a motorcycle first collided with her on 2 November, at around 7pm.

The woman and the motorcyclist fell to the ground. He took a quick look at Zhang before speeding off, leaving the injured woman helpless.

The motorcyclist was seen trying to help the woman before speeding off.

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Zhang was left lying in the middle of the busy road after the hit-and-run accident.

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Zhang was left lying on the road as dozens of vehicles whizzed past her. Pedestrians also walked by, seemingly unconcerned.

About a minute after the incident, a second motorbike ran over Zhang without stopping

A second motorbike runs directly over Zhang’s body.

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A white van behind the motorcycle stopped. But instead of getting out of the vehicle to check on the injured woman, its driver simply reversed slightly to create space to drive around her, and quickly went on its way, the footage showed.

A female passer-by eventually came to Zhang's aid, a full two minutes after the first hit-and-run incident.

Zhang reportedly sustained minor injuries and has been discharged from the hospital. According to Chinese media site QQ, the second motorcyclist who ran over Zhang, who is surnamed Chen, has been arrested.

Watch the disturbing video below:

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