Clueless Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend With… Funeral Flowers?!

What was he thinking?!

Cover image via Shanghaiist

A young and hopeful man decided to pop the million dollar question to the girl of his dreams in the worst way possible - with a funeral wreath

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We can't make this up.

The Chinese man proposed to her girlfriend at a public square where a crowd had gathered to witness the proposal

Image via Shanghaiist

According to Nextshark, the proposal happened in Chongqing University’s City Xi Street on 4 November, Thursday.

The man even got his friends to prepare a banner that read, "Min'er (the girl's name), marry me!"

The hopeful man got down on one knee and asked the girl to be his wife before showing off the yellow and red flower wreath

Image via Shanghaiist

Really, dude? Really?!

Image via Shanghaiist

We're pretty sure the crowd knew the clueless boyfriend had blown his chances as soon as he presented the girl with the wreath, which bore the Chinese character "dian" on it in black and white.

The word translates as "to pay homage to the dead". Maybe the man was assuming the word meant "till death do us part".

As expected, the girl was bewildered by the proposal and rejected the man

Image via Shanghaiist

Netizens have since mercilessly mocked the guy for his lackluster proposal.

"What a f*****g idiot, display some originality," recommended one web user. "Tomorrow, dig up a dead body, only then will you be successful," advised another.

Gents, let this be a good reminder. Always, ALWAYS do your research before attempting something major like a proposal, alright?

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Well, at least this guy didn't use a funeral wreath to propose. He was smart enough to use a ring made from a wisdom tooth!

Meanwhile, Chinese tourists have left an airport in South Korea looking like a garbage dump:

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