Video Shows Man Whacking Woman With Newspaper For Crossing Her Legs Onboard A Train

The incident happened in Japan.

Cover image via Twitter @kami_heiwa

Last Friday, a video uploaded on Twitter showed a male passenger onboard a train in Japan repeatedly whacking a female passenger with his newspaper. The video has since gone viral.

The two-minute-long video begins with the elderly man already in what appears to be a heated exchange with the woman who was trying not to engage with him.

The elder man is then seen whacking her with his newspaper when she crosses her legs.

At which point, the man sitting on the other side of the woman holds up his hand to shield her, preventing the elderly man from continuing to hit the woman.

The situation was then diffused by a railway staff

As he tries to calm the elderly man while trying to talk to him, a second railway staff steps in.

According to SoraNews24, by this time the train had stopped at Nagata Station in Osaka. At the station, two more rail staff arrive and attempts to get the elderly man to alight from the carriage.

However, the man refuses to leave as he continues to argue with the railway staff, who appear to calmly engage with him, trying to understand what transpired.

While the uploader didn't provide any details, the SoraNews24 report said that passengers are urged to avoid crossing their legs onboard trains in Japan

According to the report, crossing legs while sitting is something that's part of the several notices and announcements made onboard Japanese trains.

The specific announcement is made to remind passengers to refrain from acts that might disturb the comfort of other passengers onboard the trains.

The reason passengers onboard a train are asked not to cross their legs to avoid encroaching in the space where passengers stand in front of the seating areas.

However, in the situation that's seen unfolding on the train, the elderly man wasn't standing in front of the woman, who crossed her legs. There was also no one standing in front of her.

In fact, in the situation seen in the video, the elderly man was seen manspreading.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

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