Video Shows Myvi Ramming Through Toll Boom Gate After Multiple Failed RFID Detection

Surprisingly, the RFID detection worked fine for the next car.

Cover image via Facebook

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In an incident that happened on midnight, 30 April, a Myvi driver lost their cool and rammed through a boom gate at the Cheras-Kajang toll

Before the incident, the white Myvi was seen trying to unsuccessfully get past the toll at around 12.15am Sunday. However, the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) failed to detect several times.

The Myvi driver, still keeping their cool, tries their luck by reversing and moving ahead a few times to get the RFID to work, according to a dashcam video that was recorded from the vehicle stuck behind the Myvi.

After having tried a few times to no avail, the Myvi driver β€” clearly frustrated β€” gives up and steps on the gas to take out the boom gate

Seeing this, the driver in the vehicle stuck behind the Myvi reacts in shock.

Surprisingly, when it was the next driver's turn, the RFID worked fine

The faulty RFID detection appeared to act like those old TV sets that always needed a slap.

The boom gate, damaged due to Myvi ramming through it, swung open and broke off.

The driver, amused, fails to contain himself and lets out huge laughter as he drives off.

The video, uploaded on a Facebook page that calls out bad drivers in Malaysia, has gone viral with close to 175,000 views as of writing

In the comment section, many joked that the patience of a Myvi driver should not be challenged.

Watch the full video here:

Earlier this year, a man tried to find out if changing the placement of the RFID tag on his car will make any difference in detection:

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