Video Shows Royal M'sian Navy Officers Saving A Puppy From Drowning In The Sea

Two of the officers jumped into the sea to save the puppy, who was swimming aimlessly.

Cover image via @khaixzaa (TikTok)

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A TikTok video showing a group of Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) officers jumping into the sea to save a puppy from drowning has gone viral

The video, posted by @khaixzaa, shows one of the officers jumping into the sea to try to save the puppy using an inflatable swim ring while other officers hang a bucket to assist the officer in the water to catch the puppy.

However, when the puppy, who was swimming aimlessly, keeps evading the officer's attempt to reach him, another officer dives into the water. Both the officers are eventually able to catch up to the puppy.

They are seen placing the puppy inside the bucket, but the puppy, probably scared, manages to swim out before the officers catch him again. The bucket is then pulled up by other officers on deck.

The video, which was posted last night, 24 April, has received over half a million views and close to 3,000 comments at the time of writing

The comments section of the video is filled with praise from the public for the officers' selfless act.

Many thanked the TLDM officers, calling them the best for "saving God's creation" and several others complimented the second officer for his perfect dive.

"I smiled when I listened to the support and instructions given by their teammates (to the two personnel who jumped into the sea to save the puppy). They are the best," commented one of the users.

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