[VIDEO] Woman Spits & Throws Traffic Cone At MBSA Officers In Sg Buloh Road Rage Incident

The incident took place at Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, Shah Alam yesterday, 6 February.

Cover image via Twitter @Duurianne

A video showing a lady attacking and screaming at top of her lungs at Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) officers is going viral on Twitter

In the two-minute-long video, the lady clad in pink can be seen restricting MBSA officers from towing her car.

Her car was parked on a white line, which indicates "no parking".

The incident took place at Jalan 1A/3, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh yesterday, 6 February.

Despite being at fault, the lady put up a fight against the officers by hitting them and pulling their clothes while screaming the whole time

She even spat on one of the men, before dragging a traffic cone nearby and hurling it towards him.

The lady went on to snatch an officer's cap while he was working beside the tow truck. Enraged by the lady's action, the officer snatched his cap back and gestured violently - but did not fight back.

The officers are believed to have let her off by unclamping her vehicle in the end.

At the time of writing, the tweet carrying the video had garnered over 8,000 retweets and the video had more than 230,000 views

After watching the video, netizens flooded the comment section to chastise the officers for letting the lady go scott-free

"Oh. So that's how you get off. I understand now," a netizen said sarcastically.

"Double standard. If a man did this, he would get beaten up and arrested," another netizen commented.

Some netizens voiced their sympathy for the lady instead, saying that she might be going through a difficult time.

"Maybe she is having other problems we do not know. Maybe she uses the car for a living, and it led her to lose control," one Twitter user commented.

When contacted by the media, MBSA confirmed the incident

According to New Straits Times, the city council said their personnel and towing operators were prevented from carrying out their duties during the incident.

A spokesperson added that these are some of the challenges the personnel face daily. No further information was provided by the city council at press time.

Last month, a man went viral for using a steering lock to intimidate another road user:

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