[VIDEO] Woman's Slippers Went Flying Over A Parking Lot Dispute

The video has been shared over 28,000 times on Facebook.

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How do you react when a parking spot you've been waiting for gets "stolen" from right under your nose?

For Facebook user Lim H. En, confronting the driver who did so led to being verbally assaulted as well as sustaining damages to her car.

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In a Facebook post published yesterday, 31 May, Lim shared some photos and a video of a woman shouting and showing obscene gestures, allegedly over a parking spot dispute. The incident is said to have happened in Pulau Langkawi on Tuesday, 30 May.

Lim's post has been shared over 28,000 times at the time of writing, with the photos and video also circulated on various community pages and online portals.

According to Lim's, she had been waiting for a parking space when another car came from behind and parked in the very same spot. When confronted, those who were in the car started shouting at her and attacking her car.

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Besides shouting and throwing up rude gestures, one of the women also threw both her slippers at Lim's car.

"I don't understand why they attacked us. They damaged my car and made rude gestures. We already decided to give up on this, we did not expect them to turn around and react so violently," she wrote, adding that she did turn on her indicator while waiting for the spot.

"We did not drive away from the scene immediately because there were a lot of cars and motorcycles as well as families with their children on the road. I was worried of causing accidents if we just speed away."

"This has nothing to do with skin colour. This is about the individuals' attitude."

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Lim also clarified that the video only showed part of the incident as she only started filming after one of the car's passengers kicked the side of her car. She'd also hoped that the video will serve as evidence for claims and when making a police report.

Lim stated that while she has made a police report over the matter, she was told that there is nothing the authorities can do about it as it is just a "small matter"

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Lim said that she has been trying to meet with the police sergeant in the past two days, to no avail.

"When one of the officers saw my police report, they said, 'Oh, this is a small case', and that it was not necessary to meet with the sergeant or take any action. When I said that my car is damaged, they told me to get a lawyer before sending me on my way," she wrote.

"Now my car is dented, and I have evidence, but there is no way for me to arrange for a meeting with the other party. My case is left unsolved just like that."

Watch the video here:

Posted by Lim H. En on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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