[VIDS/PICS] Strong Tornado Destroys 10 Houses In Kedah

The incident occurred at about 4 pm on 14 October at Kampung Alor Besar, Mukim Ayer Putih in Pendang.

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In Malaysia, sighting a tornado is a pretty uncommon phenomenon. Naturally so, on 14 October, many Malaysians were left shocked as videos and photos were shared online showing a tornado hitting parts of Kedah.

In the 4pm incident, at least 15 houses in Pendang and Kuala Kedah were reportedly damaged by a twister, which also blew the roof off a school at Kampung Alor Besar in Pendang and damaged its computer lab, according to Berita Harian.

A spokesman at the Pendang district police confirmed the incident, but there was no casualty reported. “The extent of the damage from the cyclone has yet to be ascertained,” he said when contacted.

While strong winds caused the roofs of village houses to blow away, no injuries were reported. The impact of wind was so strong that several trees were uprooted with lamp-posts and electricity cables also coming crashing down.

A vilager, Mohd Hafiz Abu Bakar, 31, said he was working on his padi field when he saw the cyclone heading towards his house before he rushed home to save his wife, Noor Rusila Aziz, 24, and their two children, Mohamad Irfan, two, and Nur Aisyah Dayana, four months.

“When I arrived home, I saw the roof sheets and wooden walls flew off. I’m just grateful that my wife and children are safe,” he told Bernama. Mohd Hafiz said 90 per cent of his double-storey half-wooden half-brick house, including furniture and electrical appliances, were damaged in the incident.

Meanwhile, Noor Rusila said she was in the bedroom with her children when she heard the sound of a loud rushing wind. “I didn’t dare to leave the house. I was so afraid, so I just stayed in the room with the children and surrendered to Mother Nature,” she said. Mohd Hafiz and his family are currently taking shelter at his parents’ house.

Norzizan Jaafar, Alor Besar Village Security and Development Committee chairman, said the incident, which only lasted 20 minutes, had also forced the villagers running helter-skelter to escape the cyclone

“This is the first time a cyclone ever hit the district. Sekolah Kebangsaan Alor Besar was badly damaged. Many houses were also severely damaged with roof sheets flown away, while several other houses were affected by fallen trees,” he said.

Pendang Civil Defence Department Assistant Civil Defence Officer Norashikin Ahmad Zawawi said,"So far, the roofing of 8 village houses were identified damaged by the freak strom,"

"About 40 residents of the village were affected by the storm. Presently they are temporarily evacuated to close relatives' houses. During the incident, the sky was covered with dark cloud and no rain but wind was very strong".

Watch tornado in Pendang, Kedah

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