Viral Facebook Post Shows Family Living In A Garbage Disposal Area In Ampang

Kitty Goh first spotted the family living in a garbage disposal area in Taman Industri Bukit Permai, Ampang on Monday, 6 July.

Cover image via Kitty Goh/Facebook

A woman is making a plea to fellow Malaysians to help a family living in a garbage disposal area in Ampang, Selangor

In the Facebook post on Tuesday, 7 July, Kitty Goh shared photos of the horrid living condition the family is in.

In the videos Goh provided to SAYS, the family can be seen hanging their clothes at the entrance of the garbage area, while more clothes are laid on the floor for the family to sleep on.

According to her, the family has been living in the small space meant for garbage after the father of the family was arrested for allegedly stealing a motorcycle

"I know many people went through a tough time because of the Movement Control Order (MCO), but never could I imagine that somebody is living in such a poor condition," said Goh.

"I passed by here last night (6 July) and saw a woman with two children - one age around two years old, while another is about 13 years old. They were living in a small room beside the dumpster by the alley."

According to the impoverished woman, her husband was wrongly accused of stealing a motorcycle and is now in jail, thus leaving three of them homeless.

Troubled by family's condition, Goh revisited the family the next day and found that the family was still squatting in the garbage area

"Today, 7 July, I deliberately went to see if they were still there. I saw that the mom and her little son were sleeping inside the room," Goh said.

Pitying by the family's condition, Goh rushed to the nearby convenience store to buy as much dry food as she could afford to give to the family.

"Then I gave the mother some money in case of an emergency," she related.

During Goh's visit, the woman's elder son had gone to school.

Goh urged netizens living in Ampang to help the family and asked if anyone could reach out to any non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to bring the family's case to their attention

In an interview with SAYS, Goh said that the family was thrown out of a welfare home due to some complications with a person in charge there.

While it is unclear what was the reason behind the sudden eviction, Goh is of the opinion that the mother could be exploited because no one would take her seriously.

"People always make donations to orphanages or charitable organisations, but sometimes we overlook people living in our neighbourhood who need our help the most," she said.

She urged members of the public to visit the area and provide whatever they could to the family. The family is currently living on Jalan Bukit Permai Utama 2 in Taman Industri Bukit Permai, Ampang.

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