Good Samaritans Clear Up Piles Of Rubbish At Pahang Waterfall After Photos Went Viral

The group cleaned up the area until 12.30am.

Cover image via Jerangkang Berkelah Waterfall (Facebook) & KUANTAN (Facebook)

Recent photos showing piles of trash left strewn all over a waterfall picnic site in Pahang have gone viral

On 26 September, Facebook page KUANTAN shared photos of plastic plates, cups, bottles, wrappers, and other rubbish littered at Berkelah Falls in Pahang.

The photos were shared over 1,600 times.

In the Facebook post, Malaysians expressed their disappointment with the mentality and general attitude of the public's disregard for the environment

"The mentality and civic awarness of Malaysians really makes me sad," wrote one person.

Image via Facebook

"Sadly, once upon a time, only those who looked out for the environment came to picnic here, now people just come to Berkelah Falls to picnic and leave their trash everywhere," wrote another.

Image via Facebook

"Forget about flying cars, if we can't even get basic civics right. We need to teach people how to throw rubbish at the designated spots," commented another.

However, after the images went viral, a group of Malaysians decided to clean up the area themselves

Local travel company, Jerangkang Truck, shared that they arrived at the waterfall at 7pm and began cleaning up until 12.30am.

"Although we didn't get enough sleep, we pushed forward with all our energy to clean up. We hope that its current cleanliness will last forever so that the next generation can also experience this beauty that we enjoy now," they wrote in a Facebook post.

Although it's great that the premises are now cleaned, let's not wait for others to pick up after our mess, okay?

Check out the Facebook post below:

[MISI PEMBERSIHAN BERKELAH WATERFALL] Alhamdulillah walaupon sibuk teramat trip masuk ke jerangkang waterfall,dapat...

Posted by Jerangkang Berkelah Waterfall on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Here's another guy who deserves all the praise for spending two days to clean up a community garden:

Don't wait to be called out before making a change:

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