Viral Tweet Alleges A VVIP's Police Escorts Caused An Accident During Rush Hour

The alleged incident happened on Salak Highway on Tuesday, 7 January.

Cover image via Twitter @tevanraj

A motorcyclist who was trying to give way to a VVIP's convoy during rush hour on the East-West Link Expressway was allegedly forced off the road by the convoy's police escorts, according to a viral tweet

The alleged incident happened on Tuesday, 7 January while the motorcyclist, who was heading towards the Federal Highway, was sent flying to a corner.

In the tweet below, a person can be seen on the ground while another trying to help him.

A follow-up tweet showed a convoy being escorted by outriders

At the time of writing, the tweet was retweeted over 9,100 times with hundreds of netizens voicing out their concern over the issue

While this person shared how he was in a similar incident...

Image via Twitter

...this person tried to explain that it is vital for VVIPs to use escorts as they have important jobs:

Image via Twitter

Not the first time that such an incident has happened.

Back in December, an ambulance with its sirens on was forced to give way to the Federal Territories Minister's convoy:

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