Viral Video Sparks Debate About foodpanda's 'Doorstep-Delivery' Among Netizens

While some netizens agreed with the woman, others were of the opinion that riders can refuse to climb up to customers' houses to deliver their orders.

Cover image via The Sun Daily & Screenshot/SAYS

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A video of a woman venting about foodpanda riders who refused to deliver food right to her apartment door has gone viral on social media

In the two-minute-30-second video, a caption reads, "Listen up, foodpanda riders. I'm so mad."

The woman started venting, saying, "foodpanda riders, please listen to this. If you think you are not capable of carrying out your duties until it's done, you are not worthy to be a foodpanda rider."

She explained that when she was previously staying in a condominium, it did not allow delivery riders to deliver the food to customers' units and as such, she had to go down to collect the food.

"Now that I'm back in my hometown and live in an apartment, you can go up to my unit without an access card, without filling in any details (in a form). So why did you force me to go down (to take the food)?" she asked.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

The woman went on to describe the interaction she had with the foodpanda rider after she decided to cancel her order

She had an argument with the rider in the chatroom on the foodpanda app after the rider refused to walk up to her unit.

"It's okay. If you don't feel like you can't deliver anyone's food to the door, I'll just cancel (the order)," she told the rider. 

The woman also shared how exasperated she was when the rider ignored her after she thanked him for delivering the food to her door despite the argument.

"You are working, right? Don't give excuses, telling me that you have to deliver food to many other customers as well," she said, infuriated. The woman expressed that it was not her fault if the rider chose to accept many orders at once.

She ended the video with a reminder to riders not to take the job if they do not wish to send food to the customer's doorstep. 

The viral video had netizens all over social media debating whether food delivery riders can refuse to deliver food right to customers' doorsteps or not

Some netizens thought that the woman in the video should not have been demanding and should help ease the rider's job instead.

A Facebook user commented, "It's hard if you're going to make a fuss over a small matter. Just go down and take (the food). You are the one who's going to eat it. If you get a good rider who is willing to climb up to your house, tip him, that's all. Then, just eat happily."

Another person shared the same opinion, saying, "If you think you can't go down and pick up your food, don't order from foodpanda. Just cook at home."

Image via Facebook

However, some netizens were of the opinion that the woman's frustration over the rider's behaviour is valid since customers paid delivery fees for the food to be delivered to their doorsteps.

A person commented, "That's the foodpanda rider's job. Customers paid for the delivery. (They should) send the food to their doorsteps."

Another Facebook user thought the same, but they also thought that communication between riders and customers is important. He said, "That's why there's a delivery fee. We don't just pay for the food. But riders should communicate with customers properly to ask if the customers can pick up their food (from the lobby). Although there are some customers who are fussy, we can't do anything because that (delivering the food) is our job."

Image via Facebook

SAYS has reached out to foodpanda for a statement on this matter but has yet to receive a response.

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