Viral Video Shows Uncle Throwing Insults At Casino Dealer As Crowd Supports Him

The crowd appears to be upset at the dealer too.

Cover image via TikTok

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A viral video capturing an elderly man reprimanding a casino dealer in Malaysia has sparked widespread speculation about the events preceding the heated confrontation

In the 33-second video posted on TikTok yesterday, 27 February, the elderly man can be seen standing by a gambling table, shouting and pointing his fingers at a dealer.

He appears to scream at the dealer, "Tak malu ke, p*k*mak? (Aren't you ashamed, a**hole?)."

The man then whips out a card from his chest pocket, resembling a player's card or a casino royalty card, as he continues berating the dealer.

A player's card is a credit card-like card used in casinos to track winnings.

The dealer, dressed in a vest, attempts to speak with the angry man before turning his attention to pressing buttons on a touchscreen.

The video also shows the crowd booing at the dealer.

Image via TikTok

While the exact cause of the altercation is uncertain, netizens suspected that the elderly man's dissatisfaction stemmed from losing money in the game

However, China Press, quoting some netizens, reported that the elderly man purportedly won the game, but the dealer failed to register the winnings on his player's card.

"The uncle must have lost a lot of money," claimed a TikTok user.

"This is the consequence of gambling," one person said, while another added, "[He has] gambled until he lost the most basic dignity and character."

Several netizens also claimed that the elderly man will be permanently banned from entering the casino.

Image via TikTok

SAYS has reached out to the casino for more information but did not immediately receive a response.

The video of the altercation can be found below:

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