Learn How To Avoid Online Scams With This Locally-Made Free Scam Simulator

Here's your chance to test your skills and see if you can escape an online scam.

Cover image via NewsLab Malaysiakini & Leeloo The First/Pexels

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Online scams are increasingly rampant nowadays, with Malaysians falling victim to unscrupulous individuals

According to Statista, Malaysia has encountered over 8,800 reported cases of e-commerce scams as of September 2023. This marked a slight decrease of approximately 200 reported cases compared to the previous year, indicating a trend toward improved consumer awareness and possibly enhanced measures by e-commerce platforms to combat fraudulent activities.

In the fight against fraudulent tricksters, the brilliant minds at KiniNewsLab have developed a scam simulator to help users train themselves against such scams

The scam simulator helps users identify scams and potentially navigate their way out of these situations. The scenarios featured in the scam simulator are based on real-life stories shared by Malaysiakini readers who have previously fallen victim to similar scams.

Here's how the scam simulator works:

The simulator begins by prompting users to select a theme, ranging from job search scams, investment scams, dating scams, Macau scams, and mule scams. Players are then given virtual money of RM1,000 to protect, with the goal of surviving the scam attempt.

Once players have chosen their theme, the simulator will present dialogue choices as the scam attempt unfolds. Selecting the correct answer will reward players with money, while choosing the wrong answer will deduct money.

Check out the simulator in action in the tweet below:

This project is a commendable effort in educating users to safeguard themselves against online scams

Despite numerous efforts by the authorities, Malaysians are still susceptible to falling victim to scams. Recently, scammers devised a scheme to deceive potential travellers bound for South Korea into purchasing travel permits for as much as RM400! Another convincing scam involves selling 'lost luggage' for only RM16.

If you feel like giving it a shot, you can try the simulator here

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