Viral Videos Show Chaos Erupting On Penang Island Due To A Huge Waterspout

Videos and photos show strong winds that left wreckage across Tanjung Tokong.

Cover image via PenangEcho/Penang Kini (Edited by SAYS)

Chaos ensued on Penang Island after a huge waterspout appeared earlier this afternoon and brought about strong winds and waves

Water spout spotted in Penang earlier today. Video circulating all over Penang

Posted by PenangEcho on Monday, 1 April 2019

Various videos and photos of the phenomenon, which is believed to have occurred around 1.30pm today, 1 April, have gone viral on Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to The Star, the waterspout was seen near the UDA low-cost flats near Tanjung Tokong.

The waterspout reportedly went on for about 40 minutes...

... Leaving wreckage across Tanjung Tokong due to the strong winds and rain

One user by the name of Muhamad Shakiran shared a photo of his stall, which was damaged by the winds. 

One video even captured what could possibly be zinc roof plates flying around in the wind:

Waterspout and strong winds wrecked havoc in Penang earlier today ~ uplifting some zinc roofs

Posted by Best of Penang on Monday, 1 April 2019

However, unlike what was said in the video, the phenomenon was not a tornado.

Free Malaysia Today reported that based on readings by Accuweather, the wind speed around the area exceeded 20km/hour.

See more photos of the damage here:

Kejadian ribut di Tanjung Tokong dan Tanjung Bungah yang berlaku tadi memberi impak yang agak besar nampaknya. Banyak...

Posted by Penang Kini on Monday, 1 April 2019

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