Vivy Yusof Explains The Reason Behind FashionValet Shutting Down & Why It's Not The End

According to Vivy, the decision to focus their business on dUCk and LILIT. has been made since 2019.

Cover image via LoopMe Malaysia & FashionValet

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Recently, netizens were left wondering about what has happened to the local fashion e-commerce platform, FashionValet, after noticing some updates on the platform’s official website

In a statement on their website, FashionValet had announced that they will be shutting down the platform and focusing on sister brands, dUCk and LILIT.

"As they say, all good things must come to an end... and be replaced with something better," read the announcement.

"With that, we are thrilled to share with you - a brand new shopping experience. Where you will be inspired and get rewarded - all personalised for you."

In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of the site, FashionValet made a few clarifications.

"We want to deliver a more personalised, seamless, and optimised brand experience to you! With that, we are shifting our business direction to focus on dUCk and LILIT.," it said.

The platform also assured that customers who have a registered account with FashionValet can still retain their information and use it to shop at dUCk and LILIT.'s websites.

Image via FashionValet

The shutdown has left netizens pondering over what will happen to over 300 local businesses that had been operating under FashionValet

"FashionValet used to be (a platform) for all local brands, now it's for (dUCk and LILIT.) only," wrote a Twitter user.

Another user wondered saying, "I thought FashionValet's mission was to provide a platform for local designers and clothing lines?"

Image via Twitter

To answer the people's curiosity, SAYS reached out to the founder of FashionValet, Vivy Yusof

Vivy shared with SAYS that it has been a decision to focus their business on dUCk and LILIT. since 2019.

"We saw a trend of businesses expanding their own channels to sell directly to consumers, which is great for the booming local fashion industry," she said.

"Even industry leaders such as Nike were vocal about reducing their reliance on retailers."

Image via VOCKET

She said FashionValet has been able to survive the pandemic for the past two years thanks to its decision to focus on dUCk and LILIT.

Since FashionValet had been depending on local businesses to grow their platform, she further explained that "the pandemic accelerated this change as many local brands were forced to scale down their businesses."

Vivy also addressed why she did not make any announcements on any of FashionValet's social media platforms.

"On the announcement, actually it was done in few parts and we didn't want it to be an abrupt one. All vendors were notified in early 2021 about the new direction," she told SAYS.

The group wanted to address their customers first via their official channel which is their website.

Vivy further explained that "it has been a gradual process of over a year slowly shifting the focus to dUCk and LILIT. websites, getting customers used to the change."

When asked about FashionValet's funds, she said, "Our investors invested into FashionValet, which fully owns dUCK and LILIT."

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