Watch As Actor Sulaiman Slaps Director Teo In Front Of Najib To Teach Him Some "Adab"

An NGO plans to lodge a police report against director Teo over the incident.

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Last night, Wednesday, 17 May, actor/comedian Sulaiman Yassin attacked film director David Teo in front of Prime Minister Najib Razak during a Transformasi Nasional 50 (TN50) dialogue session

Sulaiman Yassin, who is more popularly known by his stage name Mat Over, slapped Metrowealth Pictures (MiG) CEO David Teo, who was criticising the moderator, Rosyam Nor, of the TN50 event for allegedly ignoring attendees not seated in the front rows.

David Teo is escorted out of the hall at the Seri Perdana complex.

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Here's how the incident unfolded

During the special TN50 dialogue for the entertainment industry, director David Teo had complained that the moderator of the event was ignoring attendees not seated in the front rows and was only taking questions from one side of the banquet hall.

To which, the moderator, Rosyam Nor, told Teo that he should "behave" and use his one minute to provide ideas. He told Teo not to "disrespect" the prime minister.

Following which, Teo was given the floor to ask his question.

However, before Teo could ask his question, which he had begun with a poem, Sulaiman Yassin was seen walking towards the stage while pointing at Teo.

According to Malaysiakini, Sulaiman was heard saying "don't be rude in front of the prime minister" before walking up to Teo and slapping him, who was standing at a short distance away from Najib

While the slap landed on Teo's left arm, as the director had seen Sulaiman coming towards him and had tried to shield himself from the attack.

After being slapped, Teo tried to kick Sulaiman away. However, security personnel subdued the situation before it got out of hand and escorted the duo away.

Watch the video of the incident below:

Following the incident, while Najib and Rosyam continued the dialogue session, Teo and Sulaiman were later brought in, where they shook hands and hugged each other in front of Najib

According to Harian Metro, director David Teo says he will not be taking any legal action against actor/comedian Sulaiman Yassin for slapping him during the TN50 event.

"I was just asking Rosyam about his use of the round stage, and the focus he was giving to only those seated in front. I also wanted to ask the prime minister some questions. But all of a sudden, he (Sulaiman) rushed over and slapped me," Teo was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

While Teo expressed shock at the unprovoked attack, especially given that he does not know Sulaiman personally, he added that he "will not be taking any legal action against Sulaiman and have also forgiven him for his actions."

Sulaiman, on the other hand, is unapologetic

The actor/comedian insists that he was attempting to instil "manners" in Teo.

"I don't think it was extreme to teach him some adab (manners), especially when in front of a leader, who is also the host of the event," Sulaiman was quoted as saying.

"I have no regrets as David's attitude was disrespectful towards the prime minister and (Datuk) Rosyam Nor as the moderator. As a Malaysian, we should by right have manners and respect," the New Straits Times quoted Sulaiman as saying.

While director Teo will not be lodging any police report overt the matter, as he considered the case as settled, an NGO called Pertubuhan Pembela Nasib Melayu Malaysia plans to lodge a police report against the director over the incident

Do you think director Teo stepped out of line? Was Sulaiman right in slapping Teo? Do comment below to let us know.

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