What Is This Couple Doing Walking Around Ipoh In Their Underwear?

This is not a sight you would typically see in Malaysia.

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On 25 August 2014, Malaysians Were Shocked To See A Pair Of 'Newlyweds' Walking Around Ipoh Old Town In Their Underwear

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Photographs of a pair of semi-naked “newlyweds” walking about near a bank here in broad daylight have caused a stir on social media. The couple were captured crossing a road in front of the bank in Jalan Sultan Yussuf, which is part of an area known as Old Town.

The Man Was Topless Except For A Bow Tie, While The Girl Wore Only Her Bra, Panties, High Heels, And A Wedding Veil

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The bride and groom seemed unruffled and unaffected by the attention they were getting from passers-by, some of whom stopped to take pictures of them.

Photos Of The Semi-Naked Couple Created Buzz On Social Media, With Some Commenters Expressing Admiration, While Others, Shock And Disgust

Comments from Facebook users ranged from an incredulous “wah!” to admiration: “Are these the hottest wedding photos in Ipoh?” Others were not amused. “Sadly, this is not our culture. I would prefer the traditional Chinese costume,” one post read.

The Ipoh Police Department Received Photographs Of The Couple And Dispatched A Team To The Scene, But The Couple Had Left

Ipoh district acting police chief Supt Ahmad Termizi Abdul Haq said a police team was sent there after the department received photographs of the couple through the ‘Whatsapp’ application. However, when they arrived at the location, the couple had already left.

“An order has been issued to the station police chief and members that if they come across any immoral and indecent behaviour, they should advise or take action to stop it,” he said when contacted in Ipoh today.

Ahmad Termizi said the matter was being investigated under Section 41 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 for indecent behaviour. He reminded the public not to behave indecently in public places as it was an offence under the same act.

As It Turns Out, The Couple Were Models Dressed For A Wedding Photo Shoot Organised By A Wedding Photography Company

It was later found that the photo shoot was organised by Keep Gallery, a professional photography company based in SS2, Petaling Jaya, with a branch in Ipoh.

A wedding gallery general manager, who wished to be known only as Koo, said it was his photoshoot. “The couple were models,” he said. Koo, who organised the photoshoot, said the photographers were merely exploring their “creativity in photography”.

The Photographer, Who Has More Than 20 Years Experience, Explained That The Dressing And Location Were Chosen To Reflect The Company's Creative Photography Products

Koo said he had been a professional photographer for more than 20 years and that he chose the location because it suited the theme and concept.

Koo, who claimed to have more than 20 years’ experience, explained that the choice of dressing and location were meant to reflect the theme and concept of the company’s creative photography products.

He Stresses That They Did Not Have Any Intention To Provoke. The Team Made Sure That The Photo Shoot Had Not Exceeded Fundamental Liberties.

Koo said his company had also considered the legal aspects before embarking on the photo-shoot. “We made efforts to determine that the photo-shoot had not exceeded fundamental liberties and not deemed as indecent behaviour.”

“They were surprised by the response triggered on social media. People were just over-reacting because they had never seen a bikini-clad woman on the streets,” he said. “It is their right to complain.”

“I would have never thought it would trigger such a response on social media. I had also received calls from friends asking about it. “Perhaps people are more used to seeing a bikini-clad woman on the beach, but we have no intentions to provoke anyone,” said Koo when contacted by The Rakyat Post. He conceded that people had the right to complain if they found it uncomfortable.

When Asked, Lawyers Confirmed That It Was Not A Criminal Offence Nor Public Nuisance As The Couple Were Clothed

Taking photographs in a public area does not constitute a criminal offence as long as they are clothed, said a prominent lawyer. "I honestly don't see anything wrong with it legally as they are clothed. It might not be acceptable to some, but I don't see how it can be a criminal offence, said lawyer Syahredzan Johan.

Lawyer New Sin Yew also believes the act does not constitute a public nuisance as defined by the Penal Code. "An essential element of the public nuisance crime is that it must affect the community or a section of it, rather than individuals. "Further, it seems that the intention of the photoshoot was not to cause a nuisance to the public, but for their own private use.

"More importantly, the choice of clothes the couple chose to wear or chose not to wear is entirely their right. They are exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression," said New.

However, Acting Ipoh District Police Chief Advise People Against Such Indecency, "You Can't Just Go Around Walking While Dressed Indecently."

Acting Ipoh district police chief Supt Ahmad Termizi Abdul Haq said the photoshoot, whether it involved a “genuine” couple or just models, should not have been done in public. “It can be seen as indecent. I strongly advise people not to do such things in public,” he added.

Ahmad, however, issued a stern warning to the public not to dress indecently in public places, regardless of the occasion. He added those who did so would be investigated under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955. “You can’t just go around walking while dressed indecently.”

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