White Cat Refuses To Leave Malaysian Man's Grave During His Funeral

No matter how much people shooed it away.

Cover image via Soffuan CZ

A video on Facebook showing a white cat refusing to leave a man's grave has now garnered almost nine million views!

The video was shared in a post written by, the deceased man, Ismail bin Mat's, grandson.

In his post, he'd shared the tale of his family's amazement during the funeral, which was held in Kuah, Langkawi.

In the video, the cat is seen aggressively sniffing and scratching at the grave, almost as if it recognised what was inside

Many fellow pet owners tried to hold back their tears, as they thought of the bond they themselves share with their pets.

However, contrary to what many viewers believed, the cat did not actually belong to Ismail Mat

Image via Soffuan CZ

In another Facebook post, his grandson explained that, though his grandfather was actually the owner of ten pet cats, this white cat was not one of them. This strange cat had suddenly appeared at his grave in the midst of the funeral ceremony, catching his family by surprise.

He'd said that, though his relatives tried to chase it away, the determined feline stubbornly stayed put atop the grave.

Ismail bin Mat was a lover of cats and often made an effort to feed any stray cats he came across

Image via Soffuan CZ

His family suspects that this cat had come from a mosque that he used to frequent. It's likely that this cat remembered Ismail from all the times he'd gave it food.

The video has managed to pull at the heartstrings of animal lovers across the world

The original Facebook post has gotten over 80,000 shares and has gained the attention of multiple international media outlets.

After seeing the feline's incredible display of affection, many hope it eventually finds a loving home.

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